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How to Clean Your Retainer

One of the main Pediatric Dentistry rules: when washing, you want to make sure you only wash with warm NOT hot water as this can distort the plastic.

What should you clean your retainers with? Just water? Toothpaste? Mouth rinse? The answer will shock you… it’s actually alcohol-free hand soap.

Why hand soap? Well, toothpaste has an abrasive in it, and therefore it can make micro-scratches in your retainer, leaving grooves that bacteria and plaque can harbor.

Since you put toothpaste on your toothbrush, it is recommended to have a separate toothbrush for washing your retainers to not cross-containment.

Mechanically removing the soft plaque will prevent the plaque from hardening into calculus. This may be the simplest and most essential step to keeping your retainers clean long-term.

For a deeper clean, we recommend using denture cleaning tablets (Polident) once a week. Let the tablet dissolve in warm water and place your retainers in for 15-20 minutes. This will loosen all the mineralized plaque then brush it off under water.

Lastly, your retainer case is an integral part of keeping your retainer clean. You want multiple – for home, school, or work – so you always have one handy.

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