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  30492 Gateway Pl #220 Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92694

Orthodontic Retainers

Retainer For Life Program

Did you know? If you do not wear your retainer, your teeth will continue to shift throughout your life. Wearing your retainer as directed is an essential part of ensuring that you enjoy a long lasting, beautiful smile. We are committed to giving our patients amazing smiles that last a lifetime. Therefore, we offer a Retainer For Life Program.

For $799 + tax, you can enroll in our Retainer For Life Program. This will allow you to have your retainers replaced at any time for a small copayment of $15 + tax per arch for clear retainers. The normal price for 1 arch is $195 + tax. We include digitally printed models of your teeth that we will use to make all future sets of retainers. This reduces office visits and allows us to make your retainers same day.

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