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Pacifier FAQ

Pacifier FAQ

When it comes to our newborns we often forget to consult our Pediatric Dentist on oral appliances like the pacifier.
Let’s review some of the basics.


  1. Provides comfort
  2. Helps your child regulate their nervous system
  3. Easier to wean than thumb habit


  1. Prolonged use (after age 3) can change facial development and affect the teeth
  2. With prolonged use, it can delay the development of a mature swallow pattern used for the safe swallowing of more advanced foods
  3. With prolonged use, it can impact speech and language development

What are the safest ways to use the pacifier?

  1. Don’t ever force your baby to use it
  2. DO NOT attach it to anything (attaching the pacifier to things increases the risk of suffocation, choking or strangulation)
  3. If the pacifier falls out of the baby’s mouth during sleep, there is no need to put it back in

How does pacifier use prevent SIDS?

  1. Sucking on a pacifier requires forward positioning of the tongue thus decreasing the risk of oropharyngeal (throat) obstruction
  2. Sucking on a pacifier helps maintain airway patency (breathing)
  3. Pacifier use may decrease the risk of rolling onto the belly

When to start offering the pacifier to your newborn?

  1. If breastfeeding, WAIT till breastfeeding is established
  2. If NOT breastfeeding, off the pacifier as soon as you want

When should you take the pacifier away?

  1. Limit to bedtime use by 6-12 months
  2. At ages 2-3 start weaning.

Tips for weaning?

  1. Throw a “Good-bye Pacifier” party
  2. Leave it under the pillow for the tooth fairy to take
  3. Go to Build-A-Bear and stuff the pacifier in the bear
  4. Gradually cut the tip of the pacifier until it is all gone

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