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Pediatric Dentistry vs. Family Dentistry

In general, a family dentist provides dental care to patients of all ages, which makes them a convenient option for parents to see the whole family in one location.

But just as you choose to take your child to a pediatrician over a family doctor, you will experience the same advantages by choosing a pediatric dentist.

You will notice the difference the minute you walk through our doors. Our staff has experience with kids so you can expect a fun and warm environment for your child.

We have TVs above each chair to distract the child plus they can look forward to picking out a premium toy (no boring stickers here!) when they leave from our treasure chest.

Procedures at a pediatric dentistry are performed using minimally invasive approaches, and each step is explained with the technique “Tell Show Do.” We tell the child what we are going to do in kid-friendly dental terms.

Then show them, (ex: brush their fingernail without the bur in the handpiece so they can familiarize themselves with the noise and feel the vibration.) Dr. Billy even uses smaller, more kid-friendly dental tools. The goal is for the child to never seen a needle or syringe but if they do get a glance at it, we have pink and green alligator covers to disguise the needle. (pictured above)

In addition, Pediatric Dentists go to school for an additional 2-3 years to be trained in behavior management and techniques to make the kiddos feel at ease.

Even if your family dentist is comfortable treating your children, remember they have less experience doing treatment on baby teeth.

So, if you are looking for the best dental care for your kids, remember that choosing a pediatric dentist will ensure that their individual oral needs are met with the child’s need first.