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Silver Diamine Fluoride

Untreated dental caries is a significant pediatric public health problem. 1 in every 7 U.S. children ages 2 to 8 years has untreated dental caries in primary teeth, according to National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data.

This can be for multiple reasons: dental phobia, non-corporative child, lack of access to care, and economics.

As Pediatric Dentists we strive for prevention but when cavities form it used to be that drilling out the decay was the only option.

Now we can apply a quick application of Silver Diamine Fluoride to arrest the lesion from spreading.

What are the INDICATIONS of Silver Diamine Fluoride?

  • Infants or young children who would need sedation to treat with traditional restorative methods
  • Patients with severe dental phobia
  • Prevention of decay in patients with high-risk conditions

What are the BENEFITS of Silver Diamine Fluoride?

  • SDF affords a treatment method that is inexpensive and takes little chair time.

What are the RISKS of Silver Diamine Fluoride?

  • NONE -not a single adverse event has been reported since its use began in 2014.

What are the CONTRAINDICATIONS of Silver Diamine Fluoride?

  • Do NOT use if the patient has a silver allergy
  • Do NOT use if the patient has painful sores on the gums

What are the DRAWBACKS of Silver Diamine Fluoride?

  • SDF causes staining of the lesion. Areas treated with SDF will remain dark brown or black.
  • It can also stain the skin if it accidentally comes in contact, which will clear within 2-3 weeks with no treatment.
  • Reapplication is required.

Call us at (949) 767-3925 if your child has cavities but is unable to get them treated for various reasons.
We can assess if SDF is a good solution for your child.


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