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The Ultimate Guide: Braces Colors

The Ultimate Guide: Braces Colors

Choosing your braces colors can be fun and overwhelming all at the same time. The fun part is that you get to change them every time you go to see the Orthodontist, so if you don’t love a colour on you.

You are only stuck with it for a month or two.

Colours to Avoid

Let’s start with the obvious and review what we should avoid:

1. White/ Clear- they stain too quickly, and you can’t enjoy all the foods you may want to eat. Instead, go for Silver or Pearl White

2. Dark Green- looks like food is stuck between your teethes. Instead, try Lime Green

3. Yellow- just makes your teeth look yellow. Stick to a dark colour to make your teeth look whiter.

4. Brown- looks like your teeth are rotten with cavities

5. Use light colours sparingly. They also make your teeth look more yellow. If you want to use a light color, alternate it with a dark colour for contrast.

The only exception to this rule I find is baby blue.

Colours to Match your Personality

Colours to Match your Complexion

Colour to Match your Eyes

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