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Toothbrushing 101 For Young Children

Toothpaste Guidelines

Toothpaste companies advertise the whole toothbrush covered in toothpaste. This is very misleading especially for young children. If your child is 0-3 years of age or still can not spit a grain size amount is recommended. This is actually REALLY small. If your child is 3 years or older and/or can spit a pea sized amount is recommended. AGAIN this is still quite small. Reference the picture below for a visual (you can barely see the grain sized amount!)

Brushing Technique

We always recommend brushing for your child first then allow them to brush after to give them some sense of control. If you have two adults in the household during brushing time, have two adults sit facing one another with their knees touching. Your legs will have created a flat surface you can lay your child on. One adult will be the “brusher” and the other one will stabilize the child’s head. Remember to always lift the lip when brushing, this is a frequent area most parents miss. If you only have one adult in the household during brushing time, lay them down and use your non-brushing hand to stabilize their head. Then place your legs over their legs. If that technique is not working for you, try sitting with your legs crossed and cradle the child. Use your non-brushing hand to hold their hand and tuck their legs into yours.

Teaching Your Child How To Spit

We recommend placing a target in the sink for your child to aim at. This can be a fun sticker or just a magic marker illustration for easy cleanup. Next, teach your toddler to say the number 2 as they spit. This will cause their lips to naturally round and place their tongue in the right position for spitting and expelling extra toothpaste.

For more guidance, we have videos demonstrating both brushing techniques and how to teach your child to spit on Tik Tok (@socopdo) and under Baby Teeth Tips Highlights on Instagram (@socopdo.) Follow us for more tips and tricks!