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Top 5 Reasons Parents are Choosing Invisalign for their Teens


Most kids play sports, musical instruments or are, performers. Bulky sharp objects in the mouth are not an option for these kiddos. Injuries to the face can be a real concern for kids playing contact sports. While mouthguards are protective, that is just another bulky device in the mouth that can be uncomfortable and distracting from the game itself. Other kids sing and play instruments in which braces and appliances can get in the way or affect their speech. Since Invisalign is removable these are no longer concerns with clear aligners.

Better Oral Hygiene

Getting our kiddos to brush and floss is a constant struggle for most, add fixed wires and glue in brackets with retentive features for plaque and calculus to cling to and two years later we have white spots in the shape of squares all over the front teeth. A removable appliance, like Invisalign, is an answer to this problem. We can remove the trays and have access to brush and floss.

Quicker and Fewer Appointments

Coming to the orthodontist every 4-6 weeks can be time-consuming and a constraint on your busy schedule.


With aligners, we can be flexible with appointments and give you more or fewer trays depending on your upcoming schedule. Also, the appointments themselves are much quicker, we take a quick look, to make sure teeth are moving as they were programmed and give you more trays.


A lot of kids just don’t want to be “brace” face anymore and prefer to feel confidence all throughout their treatment. We recommend wearing the trays 22 hours/day, however, we know special events come up and kids feel better knowing they can remove their trays and not feel like they are in “braces.”

No Emergency Appointments

With braces, there are a lot of foods kids can’t eat. As we all know, they still do, and therefore broken brackets happen often. Poking wires or sliding brackets can be uncomfortable and will need yet another visit to the orthodontist before your scheduled visit. With Invisalign there are no diet modifications, since you remove the aligners to eat and drink, saving you more time.

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