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Pediatric Dentistry Tips: The Tooth Fairy Special!

As Pediatric Dentists, we are always looking for ways to help parents and kiddos get excited about their teeth.

Losing teeth can be monumental if it happens naturally or it can be terrifying if they are extracted in the dental office.

Pediatric Dentists have to extract teeth early sometimes for multiple reasons: severe decay, recurrent decay under fillings, guide the eruption of adult teeth, severe crowding etc.

Even when this happens, the child can still feel excited if there is a tooth fairy tradition to look forward to.

Elf on the shelf was sold out last Christmas because kids and parents love family traditions to look forward to and this is an easy one to create and help ease the fear of extractions.

1. Make Glittery Coins or Bills to leave behind

This is nice because you can make a big batch once and be ready for all 20 teeth they will lose.

You will need money, hairspray, and glitter. This probably took me a total of five minutes.

I put down newspaper, and the coins, sprayed one side with hair spray and immediately sprinkled hair spray over, let dry, then turned them over and repeated.

2. Tooth Fairy Receipt

An incentive to keep your child’s teeth healthy is a grade the tooth fairy gives when they lose it.

A tooth with no fillings or cavities might get more money or glitter coins than one with decay.

If you are having trouble printing from here, email us at admin@socopedoortho.com and I can email you a version.

3. Tooth Fairy Door

Much like an elf on the shelf, this involves buying a door off Amazon that allows the tooth fairy to enter the child’s room at night while they are sleeping.

You can get creative and leave sprinkled cupcakes at the door for the tooth fairy.


4. Leave Glitter Tooth Fairy’s footsteps

This can be found on Etsy ($6) and is a stencil to leave glittery tooth fairy footsteps. I think this would look cute with the door from Amazon.


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